Monday, September 7, 2009


Hi.. Again.. and again i've been giving excuses for not updating my blog. So many things happened recently and i guess i've been blessed by Allah SWT for things that i've been dreaming of for sooooooo long. if some of you all might notice, i've posted some time ago that i was going to UK - supposedly next week!!! No.. I am not going - for some reasons I have to withdraw myself from the scholarship - to be fair to other candidates. So bye bye UK.. but Hello to US.. yap.. I'm futhering my studies to the United States of America, Insya -Allah - in Strategic Management. I guess it's a blessing in disguise that i'll only be leaving next year.. No worry of where to put my things since my house in Putrajaya will be completed by then.. huhuh.. Oh by the way.. Ammarhaq has turned 18 months.. Dah pandai posing!!