Tuesday, October 26, 2010

another day has gone

woke up at 5am this morning. it rained all thoughout the nite. the weather is getting colder day by day. steve disney's operation analysis class has always been interesting. the first class was entertaining - he repaired a punctured tyre in class - just to show us the process mapping. i guess this lecturer would be the most remembered lecturer when i leave cardiff next year.

it rains the whole day today. received a few emails from my best of friends - they are having a get together this deepavali. perhaps we'll have one too, here. my class consists of 312 students and i think about 90% are from India and out of the 300 +, i only know not even 50 of them, and honestly, at this age, i just couldnt be bothered anymore.

ammar and dad have been my inspiration here. it's tiring to go through the days being so far away from a place you call home, but it is what life is all about. i learn to have more patience in life, and learn to be thankful even more. syukur, thank you god - for all i have..

Monday, October 25, 2010

yesterday, it was exactly 1 months since the new chapter in my life began. it's been a month since we reached cardiff. it's a laid back town, quiet at times and the gloomy autumn weather adds to the 'colour' of cardiff.

honestly, i never expected it this way. it's unlike of london where everything moves so fast. we practically have everything here. feels like home but there are two things that i miss the most, the green leafy vege and fresh fish. shams (aka jack) said "How come the fish is vey expensive when we are so close to the sea?" Yeah.. eventually, they brought the fish from Swansea!

lectures and classes have started. feel like being in my younger uni days. with co-lecture mates of 311 students in the MBA class, I cannot help feeling a bit disappointed. the class is far too big and some act like children too. well, it's my choice. i made this choice and i have to live with it. just like the other choices that i make in my life. it's really challenging, but God willing, tomorrow I will be another day wiser, and stronger to go though life uncertainy..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Alasan adalah satu pembohongan?

Minggu lepas, atas dasar SYMP, saya ke Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang menghadiri Kursus BTN di saat BTN mendapat kecaman hebat dan mungkin ditutup. Kursus BTN kali ini, saya kira cukup berbeza dengan 2 kursus BTN yang pernah saya hadiri sebelum ini. Kali pertama, kira2 10 tahun lalu, juga di KBN Balik Pulau ketika saya menuntut di UPM. Kali kedua, ketika DPA tahun 2004.. Kali ini saya hadir di atas tiket Pegawai Kerajaan yang bakal terbang ke luar Negara untuk melanjutkan pengajian.

Hari pertama, saya tiba - ramai wajah2 yang begitu asing. Ramai juga adik-adik yang masih muda dan saya di sana antara golongan warga emas. Apa tidaknya, adik-adik yang merupakan tutor di Universiti relatifnya berusia dalam 23-25 tahun akan melanjutkan pengajian di peringkat PhD.. dan saya pada usia 32 baru sahaja merangkak mahu ke peringkat Sarjana. Apa pun keadaannya, pada saya semua itu adalah rezeki dari Allah SWT.

Hari pertama juga, kami berkenalan dengan Ustaz Izam Padil - orang kuat JAKIM yang jika anda bangun awal di pagi hari menonton televisyen, anda pasti dapat mendengar motivasi pagi bersamanya. Kesian Izam, kerana baik.. kami sebulat suara melantik beliau menjadi Penghulu, dan Timbalan Penghulu, Siva - SB di Bukit Aman yang bila sesi berkawad akan sentiasa saya ingat kerana lariannya sangat melucukan.

BTN kali ini saya kira sungguh luar biasa. Dan saya sangat terkesan dengan pengisiannya. Usia 32 tahun, saya terus terang katanya, saya tidak pernah kisah untuk membaca Perlembagaan Persekutuan, apatah lagi mengambil kisah untuk memahami apa sebenarnya Federal Consti itu. 5 hari yang ada, banyak perkara yang saya pelajari walau ada sesetengah isunya telah saya ketahui ketika BTN DPA dahulu. Apa yang penting, saya kini tahu apa 'rahsia' di sebalik kad pengenalan yang saya miliki dan paling penting.. apa pentingnya Perkara 153 Perlembagaan Persekutuan!!

p/s: Saya kini telah miliki Buku Perlembagaan Persekutuan sendiri dan kini terkial-kial untuk mengkhatamnya!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


Hi.. Again.. and again i've been giving excuses for not updating my blog. So many things happened recently and i guess i've been blessed by Allah SWT for things that i've been dreaming of for sooooooo long. if some of you all might notice, i've posted some time ago that i was going to UK - supposedly next week!!! No.. I am not going - for some reasons I have to withdraw myself from the scholarship - to be fair to other candidates. So bye bye UK.. but Hello to US.. yap.. I'm futhering my studies to the United States of America, Insya -Allah - in Strategic Management. I guess it's a blessing in disguise that i'll only be leaving next year.. No worry of where to put my things since my house in Putrajaya will be completed by then.. huhuh.. Oh by the way.. Ammarhaq has turned 18 months.. Dah pandai posing!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tan Sri Sam - Mr President@the artist

This picture was taken at the Laman Seni of Floria 2009 on Sunday 2 August 2009. Some of you all may not know that Tan Sri Samsudin Osman, our former KSN is an artist - particularly in water colour painting.


I wrote an article in the Eh! magazine just recently and it was published in the May 2009 issue. And I've been sooo lucky to be selected to receive gifts from Eh!. I received this pair of RISIS earring together with a brooch as well as a pendant and necklace. According to Kak Asiah (Eh! Editor), they worth RM880!!! : )

* Below write up was taken from www.risis.com.my

The year 1976 saw the birth of what we now know as RISIS, when SISIR (the former Singapore Institute of Standards and Industrial Research, presently known as SPRING – Standards, Productivity and Innovation for Growth) developed and perfected a process that immortalised the natural beauty of Singapore’s orchids in precious 24K gold. It was a moment that forged a nation’s pride in a brilliant blend of technology, art and nature and created a classic that would be cherished as Singapore’s gift to the world.
With the mastery of their patented processes; their commitment to research, development and aesthetic values, RISIS has won numerous awards (Certificate of Award for Good Manufacturing Practice by SISIR and Singapore Design Award) and accolades (first winner of the Best Tourism Souvenir award presented by the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board) that hold testament to RISIS core values: creativity and quality.

Today, RISIS is synonymous with creativity, originality and quality – traits that make their fashion accessories and Asian gifts highly sought after in Asia and the world.
Unique, affordable and truly special, every piece of wearable art and inspired figurine is distinguished by a contemporary, innovative yet timeless character that is both modern and harmonious.
RISIS continues to forge ahead in this millennium as the leading Asian gifts producer by continuously introducing unique, high quality jewellery and ornaments in new precious metals like rhodium. Unfailing in their service and commitment to the customers, RISIS maintains their brand commitment of offering the best quality products at affordable prices.

RISIS is a premium lifestyle gift company that aims to deliver enduring products of modern sophistication and cultural intelligence that communicates, engages and inspires through creativity and innovation.
The RISIS brand is synonymous with quality in research, product, communication, and service. The brand stands by its commitment of being the best in the lifestyle gifts industry by constantly striving to continuously offer the best to its customers.
The ultimate RISIS vision is to build an enduring Brand of Singapore Origin, rooted in Asian culture, nature and modern technology, unsurpassed in all aspects.

Pesta Bunga dan Taman Floria 2009 - Celebration of Colours..

Floria 2009 - Hello... Yeah.. It should not be an excuse for me, for not writing. Yes, I was involved with Floria since my Ministry is the host ministry for this International event. I'll put up more pictures - later.
This one was taken in the Floral Pavilion. Yap! The big white tent, if you've been there. My comments - Hmm.. not bad. Although I was expecting something better. But then again, with the economic crisis and the H1N1 outbreak.. Not bad, after all..

I personally love this one. This is MARDI's corporate garden. I wish I could have this garden at my house in the future... : )..