Monday, October 25, 2010

yesterday, it was exactly 1 months since the new chapter in my life began. it's been a month since we reached cardiff. it's a laid back town, quiet at times and the gloomy autumn weather adds to the 'colour' of cardiff.

honestly, i never expected it this way. it's unlike of london where everything moves so fast. we practically have everything here. feels like home but there are two things that i miss the most, the green leafy vege and fresh fish. shams (aka jack) said "How come the fish is vey expensive when we are so close to the sea?" Yeah.. eventually, they brought the fish from Swansea!

lectures and classes have started. feel like being in my younger uni days. with co-lecture mates of 311 students in the MBA class, I cannot help feeling a bit disappointed. the class is far too big and some act like children too. well, it's my choice. i made this choice and i have to live with it. just like the other choices that i make in my life. it's really challenging, but God willing, tomorrow I will be another day wiser, and stronger to go though life uncertainy..

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