Tuesday, October 26, 2010

another day has gone

woke up at 5am this morning. it rained all thoughout the nite. the weather is getting colder day by day. steve disney's operation analysis class has always been interesting. the first class was entertaining - he repaired a punctured tyre in class - just to show us the process mapping. i guess this lecturer would be the most remembered lecturer when i leave cardiff next year.

it rains the whole day today. received a few emails from my best of friends - they are having a get together this deepavali. perhaps we'll have one too, here. my class consists of 312 students and i think about 90% are from India and out of the 300 +, i only know not even 50 of them, and honestly, at this age, i just couldnt be bothered anymore.

ammar and dad have been my inspiration here. it's tiring to go through the days being so far away from a place you call home, but it is what life is all about. i learn to have more patience in life, and learn to be thankful even more. syukur, thank you god - for all i have..

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